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"Out of all the Dark Jedi I have met, Sariss is the one I can say, I fear. Powerful, strong in both the physical and mental arenas of the Force, she is a master, a perfectionist, quiet and reserved. This makes her a very dangerous foe." - Qu Rahn

Sariss is a RP account based on the fantastic character from the fantastic game "Star Wars: Jedi Knight." I do not in any way own the character or anything affiliated with her, and she is played for fun, with no infringement or for-profit use. All copyrights belong to Star Wars, Disney, and LucasArts.

Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, of average height - but severe.

World: Sariss is taken from the game "Star Wars: Dark Forces - Jedi Knight", shortly before her in-game 'death'. This takes place in the old 'main' Star Wars universe, the original Expanded Universe.

Contact: You can reach me here
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